My Girls

Meet the inspiration behind the name of this blog: MY GIRLS! Miss Penelope Rose, who goes by Rose, we call her Rosebud most of the time. If you ask her what her name is, she will tell you Rosebud Kessler. Then there is Miss Emmeline Lilly, our newest addition by 6 Months. She goes by Emmeline as well as a slew of nicknames. Hence the name, “Roses and Lillies”.

I live in an eternal flower garden, where unicorns roam freely and glitter falls like rain from a sky filled with rainbows (my poor husband, who might I add HATES glitter). Where high tea is a daily occurrence, and dress up, make up and dance parties are a MUST. It might get a little dramatic around here at times (again my poor husband) but it is everything I didn’t know I needed.


Let me start with my Rosebud. My thinker, my old soul. She is simply magical to be around! She believes that every moment of each day is to be lived to its fullest and life is one big party. Her kindness amazes me. Just recently we watched her give every single one of her quarters away to other children, in the game room at a local restaurant, so that they could all play games. She wants everyone to be involved and have the best time possible. You have to watch out for her because she is always listening and she remembers everything. Rose is my snuggle muffin, she loves to be kissed, cuddled and held. I am so thankful for this and try to hold onto it as long as I can, because I know it won’t last forever.


Now on to my Emmeline. Although she has only been with us a short while, she has packed in the personality. She, like her sister, loves to be held and reminds me to do so every chance she gets. She loves affection but sure will let you know when she’s had enough. She has the ability to raise one eyebrow just like her great grandmother. She LOVES her sister and no one can inspire a belly laugh out of her quite like Rose can. Their bond is so strong and so sweet. This little Tiger Lilly (my mom gave her that one), is fiercely determined to get moving like the big kids. These past six months she has been ours have been so special. I can’t wait to watch her continue to change and grow.


You are far more precious than jewels. — Proverbs 31:10

I raise them to walk in faith and to always know Gods unconditional love. Even though we are so undeserving, he continues to bless our lives tremendously. I also make sure to tell them how beautiful, smart, funny, wonderful and PERFECT they are every single day. My hope is to instill in them a self esteem and confidence that can not be broken by any force. I believe that is so important, especially as girls. I want them to never question their worth.


My girls are my life and whole heart. They give me more happiness in one moment than I ever could have dreamed of having in a lifetime!

I just LOVE watching my flowers bloom!




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