Friday Night Flu

My husband travels for work and is gone quite often. Though it can be a bit hard on all of us at times, we have settled into a routine. This past week he got stuck in Ohio an extra day, because of a snow storm. He was able to get back home to us on Thursday, just in time to help me take the girls to the doctor for their flu shots. We all noticed he started to get a cough as the day went on. He said he felt just fine so we didn’t think too much about it.


Fast forward to Sunday and my husbands cough is still lingering, he decides to go to urgent care to get checked just in case. Turns out he has the FLU! The dreaded flu that we have all be trying to avoid at all costs!! The flu that we had just gone to get our daughters vaccinated against. Doctors orders? Quarantine himself to another room. So he has turned the office/playroom into his hotel for the next week, until he kicks this thing.


Poor guy, I know it isn’t easy not being able to love all over these two beauties! I was able to get checked and tested negative but am taking Tamilflu for prevention. The girl’s pediatrician called in some for them as well in case they start exhibiting symptoms. I’m praying hard for his healing and  most of all that it doesn’t spread to these girls. I’m also praying we don’t have to miss Disney on Ice this weekend. I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy!!


Before all of this started, I had dinner with a girlfriend of mine on Friday night. The first time away from the kiddos in quite a long time. I banged up my heel on Emmeline’s dresser while taking the girl’s Valentines pictures and have a gnarly bruise to prove it! So instead of heels I opted for my favorite pair of slides that are SO comfortable. My jeans are from a couple of years ago but I’ve linked a similar pair as well as more affordable options. I cannot believe they still sell my moto jacket, linking it HERE and below.




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