Emmeline’s First Birthday

Miss Emmeline Lilly turned one on Saturday, July 28th.  We celebrated by throwing her a blue and white birthday party.  I have always loved a blue, white and pink color scheme for her.  Which is also what I used in her nursery.  “What a Onederful World!” was the theme. We had the song by Louis Armstrong playing in the background as her guests arrived.

I usually do a lot more and make everything myself.  This time around I opted for a more simple approach, due to now having two littles to fit my party planning around.  I had the cake made by our local Publix bakery.  I provided them with a swatch of fabric from Emmeline’s nursery and asked for the cake to be decorated similarly.  It turned out wonderfully.  I made the smash cake myself, it wasn’t my finest work but at least it tasted good.

The birthday girl was adorned in a beautiful baby blue Feltman Brothers dress and kept the bow on her head most of the day.  She had a blast opening all of her presents.  Her favorite gift was a silver baby fork that her Nonnie, my grandmother, gave to her.  She chewed on it for the rest of her present opening and carried it around with her for most of the party.

Emmeline thoroughly enjoyed her cake.  However, I wouldn’t say there was any “smashing” involved. Our little Lilly is so dainty she used just one tiny finger to clean all of the icing off one side of her cake.  She loves to eat everything and sweets are no exception.

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Emmeline’s first year.  It has been a year full of joy, laughter, and so so much love.  Everyday I am captivated by her beauty and spunky personality.  I still can’t believe she is one but I am enjoying every second of watching her grow and change.  It is also such a delight to watch her and Rose’s relationship blossom.  I look at my girls and am just in awe of what the Lord has done in my life.  I couldn’t ask for more.  What a wonderful world it is indeed!