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This year I launched a beauty section on my blog.  I am so excited to dive in and share some great finds with you guys.  The first one I want to talk with you about is Formulate. It is a new and innovative hair care brand.  They offer shampoo and conditioner that are completely “formulated” for your specific hair needs.  All you do is answer a few questions on their website about your hair struggles and what desires you have for your hair.  Then you get to pick your own scent.  They make the product based on all the information you provided and voila, your own specially formulated shampoo and conditioner.

First I want to talk about their customer service, which is amazing! I have a contact person who has provided me with so much information and continues to check in on my results.  They are super friendly, so easy to work with and make changes for you if needed.  For example, they revised my formula based on my feed back and even let me try out a different scent.

Upon arrival, I noticed the very nice packaging. Of course I am all about that sort of thing.  It was almost like opening an Easter basket with all the fun white grass inside.  It even included a card address to me with all of the specifics about my hair and the formulations of my shampoo and conditioner.  The bottles also have a very unique modern look that I really like.


My initial thoughts upon my first use were that this product looks and smells like high quality salon products.  The first couple of times that I used Formulate my hair went through a transition period.  This is something that my contact person made me well aware of before hand so, I was prepared.  My hair felt a little weighed down and not as clean as I’m used to, however it still looked wonderful.  The third time was a charm.  I listened to the tips my contact person gave.  I used a little extra shampoo than I would normally, I rinsed my hair throughly and then rinsed even more.  My scalp felt very clean this time around, I didn’t feel like my hair was weighed down at all.  My hair was silky smooth and felt so healthy.  I have now been using Formulate for a few weeks and the results just keep getting better.

My Result:


Above is a picture of my hair freshly washed with my Formulate Shampoo and conditioner, blow dried and then curled.

I am very happy with my results, my hair is so soft and smooth.  The biggest and best thing for me is my curl.  My hair seems to curl so much faster than normal and the curl lasts all day long.  I even sleep on my hair and wake up the next morning with my curls still almost perfectly intact.  Wow!!  That was something I didn’t even know I needed.  My second day hair is a dream with a tiny touch of my favorite dry shampoo, when needed, and a touch up on some of the fallen curls.  I definitely don’t spend nearly as much time and product on my second day hair.  That is such a big thing for me.  Also, In this dry winter weather I suffer from a lot of static.  It can be so aggravating when your hair is flying all about your face all day long.  When I’m using Formulate the static in my hair is cut by half, which is such a relief.  The only thing I was left desiring was more volume.  Although I don’t think I will ever find a shampoo that will fulfill my BIG hair dreams!

I have such fine soft hair so I don’t normally use conditioner because it tends to weigh it down.  I use it to manage tangles about once or twice a week.  However, I think I may use my Formulate conditioner more often.  It is so much lighter than my usual conditioner and detangles my hair much better than anything I have used before.  It is not heavy or greasy and a little goes a long way.  I don’t even have to brush my hair out before drying.

Overall I would recommend Formulate.  Especially to the girls out there who struggle with dry frizzy hair.  This product does wonders in that department.  It is so smoothing, moisturizing and gives your hair great shine.  I am very impressed with the quality and the results I have had.


You can check out Formulate and get your own specially formulated shampoo and conditioner by clicking HERE or by going to their website:

You can follow along with Formulate on Instagram to see other results by clicking HERE 

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