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I Love Valentine’s Day!!  All the hearts, pink and red, and CHOCOLATE!!  What’s not to love and, let’s face it, it’s the one holiday that is basically geared towards women.  I love to treat the little ladies in my life with all sorts of little surprises.  Here is a guide for treating the lady in you’re life.  You are sure to find something she will love.  There are even some great items to treat yourself with.  After all, we deserve it right?!


There is nothing I love more than lounging in my comfy cozies except lounging in my comfy cozies with my two snuggle muffins!  Every girl needs a great pair of fuzzy slippers, cozy socks (these are my favorite because they have grippers for us accident prone girls) a super soft robe, and a great set of monogramed pajama’s (it helps that they are heart printed).  One thing that I have had my eye one for a while now are some Birdies slippers.  They are so elegant and beautiful you wouldn’t even know they were house shoes.  I have heard others rave about them so they are definitely on my wish list!  Here are some lovely gifts that will leave her, or yourself, super comfy and cuddly.

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Another thing I love to treat is my skin.  I have been using Rodan and Fields Redefine Regimen for about a month now and have really loved what it has done for my face.  While we are talking about Rodan and Fields, what girl doesn’t want longer lashes?  So I can’t think of a better gift than Lash Boost.  I have also been wanting to try out the Tula line of products especially the Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum that has had spectacular reviews.  I have also found some cutesy highlighters and sheet masks to leave her glowing.  These gifts are great for the girl that loves all things beauty.

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Baking is a BIG thing in my house.  The little ladies and I love making all sorts of sweet concoctions.  Most of the time we just make a mess but a fun mess at that.  I have been wanting some of these heart shaped stabs for a couple years now.  They are great for a Valentine’s Dinner at home and for baking all sorts of things.  I think they would be really beautiful for baking chocolate soufflé sprinkled with a layer of powdered sugar.  This year, we are setting up some chocolate fondue to enjoy with our lovelies.  I ordered this cute red fondue set for the special occasion.

img_3418    img_3328  img_3329  img_3425  img_3426  img_3424

And of course it goes without saying that the best gift of all (and my little Emmeline would agree whole heartedly) is of course chocolate!  The Sugarfina Pink Chocolate Sparkling Rosé Bears are a nice updated touch to the classic box of chocolates.  Jewelry is ALWAYS a great option as well like St. Armands Holiday Hearts earrings that are just the sweetest.  I also found roses by Venus Et Fleur that last for a whole year.  Talk about getting your money’s worth.  Furthermore, all ladies wear many hats so an Erin Condren Life Planner is great to help keep her hats organized and on the right head.  It’s always a great idea to go with classic gifts that never disappoint.

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I hope this gift guide was helpful to you all.  Whatever you wind up getting on Valentine’s Day, may the biggest gift you receive be LOVE! I know my heart will be full and I will have the best day spending it with all of the loves of my life!  Happy Valentine’s Day Friends!


For Rodan and Fields purchases click HERE to contact my consultant prior to purchasing to ensure the best deal and pricing.

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