The Pajama Edit


Ever since high school, the first thing I do when I get home is change into my pajamas.  It doesn’t matter what time it is, I’m throwing them on.  There’s just no sense not to be comfortable at all times, am I right?!?  My husband has even adopted the tradition and can’t wait to put his on when he gets home.  I’m such a bad influence.

As a self-proclaimed comfort Queen, I know a thing or two about pajamas.  I have summer pjs, winter pjs, and some for in-between.  One thing a good pair of pajamas has to be is comfortable, duh!  I always choose comfort over style however, it’s a plus when you can find the best of both worlds.  I have gathered all things comfy, cozy and beautiful to share with you.

In the summer I mostly sleep in night gowns, shirt dresses and mumus.  Yes, you heard me right MUMUs!  I channel my grandmother (who loved mumus as well) and rock my mumu like a… very comfortable individual.  My favorite gowns are the Ralph Lauren shirt dresses.  So classic, preppy and comfortable.  Perfect for lounging porch-side with an ice cold sweet tea on a summers evening.  I have even been known to don my pearls while wearing my shirt dresses, because why not?!?  Here are some great gown options:

img_3710  img_3712  img_3728  img_3732  img_3724 img_3729 img_3711  img_3737 img_3726     img_3715  img_3739    img_3735   img_3731

Every woman needs a set of button down pajamas.  Weather they are a fun print, satin, or a solid jersey they are a must have in my book.  They are the perfect travel pajama; always comfortable and good in any situation.  I have a pair of Lilly Pulitzer button downs that my mother gave to me for one of my wedding showers that I still adore.  So fun and perfect to pack on those beach getaways or girls trips.  I have found some beautiful sets that are out right now.  Can you tell I tend to gravitate towards blue and white and floral prints?

img_3709  05645303_zi_white_blue  img_3730  img_3734  img_3714  img_3727   img_3722   img_3954  img_3955  img_3957


Then there are the “mommy and me” matching sets.  Who can resist matching their little one.  I know I can’t, even in sleep.  As a girl mom I dream of future girls trips with my loves, where you guessed it, I will still force them to wear matching pjs with me.  Especially with all of these adorable sets. I can’t wait to get some for my little besties and I.

img_3719  img_3956    img_3953   img_3721  img_3747    img_3748 img_3720  img_3718  img_3745    img_3746  img_3742  img_3741  img_3744  img_3743  img_3952  img_3740
Now let’s not forget the essentials to complete your pajama look.  Robes and slippers (or what I call “Bedroom Shoes”).  My husband still thinks I’m crazy for calling them that, must be a southern thing, or a me thing, who knows.  I have several fluffy robes of which I’m always wearing because I’m always cold.  Plus its good to have options.  I am in the market for a couple good pairs of slippers, I definitely have my eye on some of these:

img_3708   img_3305  img_3707   img_3749  img_3296-1  img_3753  img_3299  img_3754  img_3752  img_3706 img_3303    img_3713  img_3297  img_3750  img_3751

I think this post is a true testament of how much I love pajamas.  I know that I am not the only one.  So to all the ladies who lounge; may your slippers be cozy, robes be fluffy, and nights full of uninterrupted sleep.  Can I just get that last part?!

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