Woven Bags For Spring And Summer


As I began shopping for spring and summer and trying to get ready for the beach trips in our not so distant future, I have come across so many great woven bags.  These bags go with anything and pair so well with those espadrille wedges we all have.  I love a good straw bag and there are so many fun styles that are out right now.  Like that oh so cute piggy bag, talk about a statement piece.  I have compiled a few of my favorites, some are a splurge at a $100 and up price point and some are great save options under $100.

Since Woven bags have become such a summer staple, I think its safe to say they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Thats why, in my opinion, they are a great bag to splurge on if you find one you just can’t live without.  Here are a few splurge worthy bags that are just so darling:

img_4320  img_4340  img_4347  img_4342     img_4349 img_4344  pmuns3003112397_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_  49850597_066_b  pmuns3002711236_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_  48993729_020_b  cleob4039012816_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_          cleob4038812397_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_   kaana3017911231_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_  loeff4116011611_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_  img_4343    img_4345

If you’re not looking to spend too much on a woven bag this year, you’re in luck.  There are so many beautiful bags at great price points that you don’t have to sacrifice style for.  The first one on my save list is the bag I bought last year from Amazon.  The quality is great and it has lived up to many wears.  Here are my save picks:

img_4330      img_4318  img_4317  img_4331  img_4334    img_4348   img_4373 img_4346 img_4332  img_4341  7fc34bea-cf0f-4a5b-892a-a0528c3beeec   722a147e-c9ec-4a8e-881d-07f2be943580  kaana3018111231_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_     img_4434   img_4435