Blue Light Blocking Glasses




In an age of technology, we have finally found a way to protect our eyes from the harsh blue light that’s given off by our screens.  I have suffered for years from eye strain and headaches when working on a computer or looking at my phone for prolonged amounts of time and never even knew there was a solution.

Back in December I had my yearly eye exam and brought this up to my doctor.  Expecting a light prescription for readers, turns out that I have a far sighted issue, but that’s besides the point.  He told me that as far as screens are concerned, I should have a pair of blue light blocking glasses.  I have heard people talk about them for a while but never really thought much of it until he mentioned it to me.

I was going to have my doctor’s office make a pair for me but couldn’t find a set of frames I liked.  So my husband suggested that I just order a pair on Amazon while I’m shopping around for the perfect set of frames.  I found these cute pink ones that were a “best seller” and went for it.  I have been wearing them for over a month now and they work like a charm!  I can’t believe I didn’t get them sooner.  Now they aren’t a miracle worker, I still get headaches if I’m on the computer for far too long.  However, they have cut down on the amount of times that happens significantly.

If you have problems with eye strain and headaches while working with screens, I highly suggest getting a pair of blue light blocking glasses.  When you can find a pair for about the same price of two bottles of Tylenol, you really can’t go wrong.  I have linked some really cute pairs below including the pair I have HERE.

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