Floral Jumpsuits

I don’t feel like there has ever been another year where I have related to the fashion trends more.  I am so in my element and loving it.  So many whites, pastels and flowers flowers flowers!!  I’m home.

There is such femininity with a flowing floral dress.  To me it is a staple in a spring and summer wardrobe.  This year you can bring an edge to that femininity with the floral jumpsuit.  They are a powerful statement with an oh so girly style.

Last year I fell in love with jumpsuits and this year I’ve fallen even harder for these floral ones.  They are so darling and can be worn casual with sandals for day and dressed up with heels and a good pair of statement earrings for night.  One thing about these floral jumpsuits are they are never in stock for very long.  So if you find one you like, you have to act fast.  Here are a few of my favorites:

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